Naloxone, more commonly known by the name brand Narcan, is an opioid antagonist that saves lives every day. But, why do you need to put Nalaxone in your first aid kit? Because it works to rapidly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. This gives a person having an overdose reaction to remain stable until professional medical help arrives. It can also give them enough time to make it to the hospital for treatment. In many cases, this window of time is essential to save the life of the person experiencing an opioid overdose.

There are a few kinds of Naloxone on the market, some requiring professional training to administer so it’s important to pick one to put in your first aid kit that is easy to use in case of an emergency. Narcan and Evzio are both nasal sprays that provide quick and easy instructions to administer this essential medication. 

Where Can I Buy Naloxone?

The good thing is thanks to a recent push by the U.S. Government to combat the opioid epidemic, a life-saving naloxone nasal spray like Narcan is now available in every state at most major pharmacies. This once unheard-of drug is now readily available for purchase. CVS and Walgreens in particular have guaranteed to keep this medication in stock. These pharmacies are required to sell it to anyone who wishes to purchase it, no questions asked. If the pharmacist asks for a prescription aid these are readily available online. 

How Much Does Naloxone Cost?

A two-dose Narcan kit costs around 130-140 dollars. This price can be a little steep for some but some organizations provide this life-saving drug like

When Do I Administer Naloxone?

If you suspect that someone you know is having an overdose you will want to first call 911 and then follow the instructions on the package to administer your chosen form of naloxone. An opioid overdose causes slowing of the breath, as well as a blue tint on the lips. If the person you suspect of having an overdose is passing out, or unable to speak, they are most likely having an overdose and you need to call for help immediately, make sure they are breathing or apply rescue breaths, and then administer the naloxone once you are sure they are breathing. These moments are essential to their survival so it’s important to stay aware and proactive. 

Naloxone is a life-saving drug that can be used in the direst of circumstances, but it’s important to remember that this is an emergency use only drug. Even so, you still need to make sure you put Naloxone in your first aid kit. If you’ve overdosed and needed to have Naloxone administered to you there is no clearer sign that opioid addiction has become a dangerous part of your life. The only way to completely avoid another terrifying overdose is to begin a program dedicated to healing from the disease that is addiction. Medical treatments using Suboxone and other drugs are available and will allow you to rid your life of opioids once and for all.

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