Do you have a loved one taking a prescription opioid, and their actions and words seem to be different from before they started taking the pills? Maybe it’s worse than pills, they were turned down for painkillers, and you suspect they are getting heroin from the streets. If you aren’t sure what to do, your first action is to look for the signs of opioid addiction.

What Factors Put Someone At A Greater Risk For Opioid Addiction?

While there is no clear, single factor that determines if someone is likely to be addicted to opioids, there are a few signs that could signal future problems.

  • Previous drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Living in a high-stress environment.
  • Living in a lower-income area where heroin and other opioids are readily available.
  • Regular interaction with high-risk individuals.
  • Being arrested for a DUI in the past.
  • Suffers from acute depression, anxiety, or both.
  • Frequent smoking of cigarettes.
  • Seeking out thrills that are dangerous and destructive.
  • Being in the twenty-five-year-old or younger range.
  • Having trouble holding a job.
  • Having trouble keeping friends.

What Are Some Signs Of An Opioid Addiction?

Signs of opioid addiction can be subtle or LOUD! In many cases, there will be more than one sign that someone is dealing with an addiction.

  • Overtaking an opioid prescription and running out well in advance of the refill date.
  •  Frequent Mood Swings.
  •  Impaired speech or being slow to respond.
  •  Impaired motion, such as loss of coordination after taking medication.
  •  Stealing money from a spouse or parent to pay for opioids.
  •  A marked change in sleeping habits.
  •  Seeing more than one doctor to get more opioids.
  •  Making bad decisions that put the addict or others in danger.
  •  Drowsiness.
  •  Strong and irregular cravings.
  •  Lack of sexual desire.
  •  Isolation from loved ones.
  •  Decreasing or abandoning regular exercise routines.
  •  Sudden and unexplained weight loss.

For anyone experiencing two or more of these symptoms, there is a good chance they are dealing with opiate addiction. Whether you are dealing with these symptoms or someone else close to you is, there is hope.

Fritz Clinic Can Help You To Break The Opiate Addiction

At Fritz Clinic, we know how hard it is to quit opiates. We used Suboxone at medically-assisted treatment programs to help users overcome their addictions for good.

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