Weight Loss using the HCG Diet

With the growing problem of obesity, significant medical research focuses on finding ways to help patients eliminate excess stored body fat.

Weight LossWeight Loss At The Fritz Clinic

The Fritz Clinic has over 17 years experience treating obesity. Excess body weight can contribute to many health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. However, healthy weight loss can help prevent and lessen these health risks.

Our clinic uses numerous techniques to help our clients lose weight, but the most effective technique/diet we have found so far is the hCG Diet.

What Is The hCG Diet?

Before we get into what the hCG diet is, we will explain what hCG is.

hCG is a hormone that the body produces, especially in women when they are pregnant. This hormone helps to regulate the production of other hormones like progesterone and estrogen. hCG helps to maintain muscle mass during weight loss cycles and/or diets.

Now, the hCG diet is built on two principles:

  1. Diet of 500 calories or less per day.
  2. Daily hCG hormone injections or troches.

The diet is designed to last between thirty and forty days while receiving small doses of the hCG hormone. This helps to rapidly eliminate excess stored body fat while helping to maintain lean body mass; in most cases, there are no side effects. This diet protocol has been used worldwide for more than seventy years. When used properly, patients can lose more than twenty pounds in one month!

When patients have finished the hCG diet, they are given instructions on how to maintain their weight through specialized, long-term, healthy eating plans. Some of the diet plans include the Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and the Keto Diet. While dieting helps to maintain their new, healthy weight, daily exercise is recommended.

Each diet has a certain design and purpose, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight after the hCG diet. Some people preferred the Paleo Diet as it goes back to what our ancestors would have eaten where others preferred the Keto Diet which cuts out most carbs. For those who do not enjoy cutting out foods, the Intermittent Fasting diet is one that allows you to eat mostly what you want, just within a certain timeframe.

Whatever diet you choose should be combined with exercise. Exercise will help you maintain a healthy body weight, increase your lean body mass and bone density, improve your mood through endorphin dumps, and help to prevent other health issues too.

Will The hCG Diet Work For Me?

Most individuals will respond well to the hCG diet. We have helped numerous clients struggling with weight loss to reach their desired weight goals.

To determine if the hCG diet will work for you, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our physicians. After an in-depth analysis, we can go over your weight loss options including the hCG diet.

Losing weight can be extremely difficult, but we can help you achieve what was once impossible. The hCG diet is just one of the many options we have. Do not let weight hold you back any longer, give us a call today!