The Disturbing Connection Between Vaping And Opioids

Remember the old PSAs in the 90s and early 2000s that warned of cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana being “gateway drugs” for harder substances like heroin and cocaine? Designed to scare people straight, these PSA were focused on getting young people to put down cigarettes. And the PSAs worked! Smoking wasn’t seen as “cool” among the younger generations, that is until e-cigarettes arrived. The exciting fruity flavors of Juul pods and other copycats have made nicotine all the rage again, and with it, has hooked a new generation on highly addictive substances. Vaping has essentially blown the door wide open for opioid use in the younger generation, a connection that is leaving many young people in harm’s way. While seemingly harmless, there’s a disturbing connection between vaping and opioids that’s being overlooked. 

Targets Locked On The Limbic System

Opioid manufacturers and vaping marketers make their profits from only one of our bodies’ systems, the limbic system. Found in the brain, the limbic system controls key functions like long-term memory, emotional response, and pleasure. The opioid receptors lie in this region which is what makes it such a target. In his 2019 article on the topic, Dr. David T. Courtwright points out that it is this system that entrepreneurs are going after. Using the limbic system, enterprising marketing teams can turn bad habits like vaping, drinking, and overeating into big businesses because they make us feel good. These feel-good bad habits are often deadly, with addictive behaviors like vaping and smoking leading to heart disease, lung diseases, and cancer, three of the biggest killers in the nation.

Teens Suffer Most

Dr. Courtwright explains that in many cases, adults are not the target audiences for these limbic bad habits. Instead, it’s teens and youths. By hooking kids and teens from a young impressionable age, these habits have a long time to build before young people really become concerned about their health. Juul and other like-minded vaping devices specifically targeted teens in their initial campaigns. By giving away free samples and movie theaters and concerts, they were able to capture their intended audience. By creating an early hold on the limbic system through nicotine addiction, these bad habit businesses create a pathway for teens to also want to experience the pleasure of opioids.

Disastrous Effects

Soon after Juul and other copycat vapes were released, there was, and continues to be a rash of lung issues requiring hospitalization. Cheap pods, using vapes that contain THC and other drugs, are what lead to these lung injuries. Compromised lungs are precisely what prime teens to be even more harmed by opioids. Slowed breathed and impaired lung function are the two side effects that most often lead to death from opioid overdose. As such, the impaired lung function, combined with already damaged lungs from vaping, creates a set of deadly circumstances for unsuspecting teens. This dangerous connection is entirely the fault of the rampant misuse of these habit-forming substances. Once these bad habit businesses sink their teeth into the limbic systems of these unsuspecting customers, there is no telling how many people may suffer injury or worse.

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