Opiate Treatment

Medically-Assisted Treatment

Fritz Clinic offers Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT) support using Suboxone®. Designed to help patients regain control of their life, these programs help to reduce and/or stop withdrawal symptoms and cravings. 

Our MAT protocol consists of three phases:

1. Induction
First, the individual must avoid using any type of opioid for 24 hours. Next, we will consult with the individual and prescribe Suboxone®. 
2. Stabilization
During this period, we monitor the individual to ensure they are not relapsing or abusing Suboxone®.
3. Maintenance
Here, we start to reduce the amount of Suboxone® the individual is receiving until they are able to stop using Suboxone® completely.

Visit our Medication-Assisted Treatment Page for more information.

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Suboxone® is an FDA-approved drug that help individuals decrease their dependence on opioids. Used in conjunction with a medically-assisted treament program offered by Fritz Clinic, the chances of recovery increases dramatically.

Suboxone® help reduce withdrawal symptoms including pain, anxiousness, stress, increased breathing, and increased heartrate, making it easier for opioid-dependent individuals to avoid relapsing.

Visit our page about the FDA-approved drug Suboxone® to learn more about how it can help you overcome your opioid addiction.


For those suffering with opioid dependence, it can be hard to stop on your own. Finding friends and/or family who are willing to help may be harder than you think, especially if they don’t understand what you are going through.

Fritz Clinic has counselors who can help you understand what you are feeling, who will not judge you, or leave you hanging when you feel you cannot continue. Combined with our MAT program, a counselor is an integral part of your success plan.

Visit our Counseling page for more information.

The Recovery Process And What To Expect

Ultimately, our goal is to help you regain your life!

We understand the difficulties involved in walking away from opioids. Our team is focused on helping you succeed, with judgment of any kind. We welcome everyone in, knowing that you want the best life possible.

For someone dealing with dependence, the unknown can be scary. Not knowing what to expect can make it easy to continue down a destructive path. So, we want to help you understand the recovery process and what to expect. Then, you won’t be scared to take the next step towards your new life!

Read all page about the Recovery Process and What to Expect for more information.

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