Managed Addiction Treatment is Available at The Fritz Clinic

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At the Fritz Clinic, we understand that opiate dependency is a very difficult challenge to overcome. That is why we are here to support you on your journey to recovery. Drug detox and withdrawal can be a struggle, which is why an experienced facility like the Fritz Clinic is the best choice for your treatment. We applaud you for taking the first steps towards reclaiming your life and heading towards renewed health and wellness. detox

Intake & Induction

Dr. Fritz has years of experience helping patients break free from harmful drug abuse. In your initial intake appointment, Dr. Fritz will perform a complete physical exam, evaluate your psychological state, and carry out a comprehensive substance dependence assessment. He will discuss with you Suboxone® or Sublocade® treatment, laying out the various aspects of the detox treatment process. Your first visit may consist of both intake and induction, dependent on Dr. Fritz’s analysis.

In starting Suboxone® or Sublocade® detox treatment, you will stop taking your current opioid (heroin, methadone, or prescription painkillers) and begin taking Suboxone® or Sublocade®. At induction, we’ll need to take a urine sample and it is likely you’ll be experiencing some early opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Detox Treatment

Each patient responds to detox treatment differently, so your unique drug detox process will be tailored to suit your needs. Some patients may require daily maintenance appointments. At each subsequent appointment, the doctor will adjust your medication dosage as necessary. Each appointment typically necessitates a urine sample. Once the doctor determines the proper dose of the medicine, you should no longer be contending with withdrawal symptoms. This dosage will be continued until steady blood levels have been maintained. At this point, continued maintenance will occur, or you can discuss options for medically supervised withdrawal.


Treatment for opiate dependency can vary in terms of process time and length of treatment. To battle this intense addiction, the Fritz Clinic recommends psychological or behavioral counseling to coincide with your medical treatment. Once appropriate blood levels are established by your physician, the maintenance phase will begin.

Your maintenance appointments will be scheduled between you and your healthcare provider. Typically, appointments occur for patients every two weeks, gradually tapering to monthly visits if progress is steady and showing positive results. The maintenance phase varies in terms of length, and can continue for a few weeks up to a few years. Treatment length will be at the discretion of you and Dr. Fritz.

Medically Supervised Withdrawal

Though Suboxone® and Sublocade® is an excellent treatment for opioid addiction, some patients may wish not to be maintained using this medication following treatment. However, patients will likely find it difficult to stop taking this medication, as it is an opioid agonist. For some patients, the final step in the process will be medically supervised withdrawal. Throughout this phase of treatment, Dr. Fritz will taper your Suboxone@/Sublocade® dose gradually over time, helping to minimize unpleasant withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Relapse can present a significant risk during medically supervised withdrawal, which is why Dr. Fritz takes great care in detoxifying patients with a slow, gradual process tailored completely to their individual needs. As with maintenance and induction, mental health counseling is highly suggested, as it can assist greatly with a patient’s challenges during suboxone detox treatment and recovery.