Men’s Health

It can be difficult for a man to admit that he has a problem “down there”.  Men are programmed to believe that any problem is a sign of weakness. That mindset is what causes many men to suffer from low self-esteem and an unfulfilled sex life.


Instead of “manning up”, be a real man and understand that your body is trying to tell you something. At the Fritz Clinic, we have seen plenty of other men with similar problems. After talking with us and following our advice, they have seen improvements in their self-esteem and sexual performance – and you can too!

The Fritz Clinic is proud to provide Extracorporal shockwave treatment (ESWT) delivering a safe, comfortable and proven protocol for men to optimize sexual performance and to reverse the effects of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to poor blood flow.

Men’s Sexual Health

  • ESWT is a scientifically proven therapy that uses high-frequency acoustical waves, providing a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual health and performance.
  • Over 50% of men experience difficulties in the bedroom as they age. As men age, blood vessels in the penis deteriorate and fill with micro-plaque causing decreased blood flow.
  • Plaguing 40% of men over the age of 40, and 70% of men aged 70, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity.
  • ESWT  when applied to the male genitals breaks up the micro-plaque in existing blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. The resulting improved blood flow helps any man, not only those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.
  • Studies report ESWT to have up to a 76% success rate  ESWT is non-invasive and drug-free. Treatments take 15-20 minutes.

Typically, men need six treatments over 2-3 weeks. However, some patients with severe ED may require additional treatments.

For men, nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than the inability to perform while in the moment with their partner. And, the problems can worsen as you age. Whether you are having trouble achieving an erection or your ability to perform is just not up to par, a decline in sexual health and functionality can be detrimental to your confidence and your relationships. If you are searching for a way to improve your overall sexual performance and function, ESWT can help.

How Does It Work?

The key to erectile function is steady blood flow. As men grow older, the blood vessels in the penis deteriorate and fill with micro-plaque which minimizes blood flow to the penis. For over 15 years, the ESWT protocol has been used to successfully treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction by increasing oxygenated blood flow to the penis.

The Procedure

ESWT therapy is a series of pain-free, in-office treatments that are completely non-invasive, drug-free and surgery-free. Our physicians will consult with you regarding your symptoms and recommend the correct program for you. Treatments usually take about 25-30 minutes. There are no side effects, no downtime. Full benefits are realized in 6 to 12 treatments, but some men have experienced improvements after their first few procedures. Research shows that the benefits can last up to 2 years.

Peyronie’s Disease Relief

Peyronie’s Disease affects 5% to 10% of the male population. Scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis resulting in curvature of the penis and painful erections. Most men develop ED as the body’s natural defense against the pain of this condition. ESWT can break down the scar tissue, resulting in a straighter, healthier, and more pain-free erection.

If you are struggling with your sexual performance, it’s time to call us today. Ignoring issues with your sexual health can lead to bigger problems later. Struggling to achieve an erection or even maintaining an erection is a sign that something is off. When it comes to Men’s Health, you should listen to your body and give us a call today to see how ESWT can help.