Isn’t Taking Suboxone Just “Trading One Drug For Another”?

For those suffering from opioid dependence, stopping cold turkey isn’t feasible. That being said, they cannot continue using what feeds their addiction. Instead, Suboxone, which has opioid-like characteristics, is used to help them wean off and become opioid-free over an extended period of time. The idea that you are trading one drug for another is a common myth and is dangerous for anyone truly trying to overcome their opioid addiction.


Suboxone is an FDA-approved drug that helps individuals overcome their opioid/opiate addictions. While there is a risk in giving an individual another opioid-like drug to offset their dependence, research shows that it helps far more individuals than other treatment options.

Stopping cold-turkey isn’t an option for most opioid-dependent individuals. The symptoms from opioid withdrawals can be debilitating, making it impossible to continue working or interacting throughout the day. Those who do stop cold-turkey end up relapsing in greater numbers than those who follow a supervised treatment plan.

Suboxone is used to help reduce the withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings for more/other opioids; in this case, it’s the best option when given the options.

Can’t Suboxone Be Abused Just Like Any Other Opioid?

Since Suboxone has opioid-like characteristic qualities, it can be addictive. As such, it can be misused and abused by anyone. Some users have found ways to consume Suboxone that are unsafe and potentially deadly. Fritz Clinic watches for these signs of abuse and will take the necessary steps to avoid misuse and abuse during your Suboxone treatments.

Signs Of Suboxone Abuse

For many users, Suboxone will help them overcome their opioid addictions. However, some users will become addicted to Suboxone or start to abuse it even under the best of supervision. At the Fritz Clinic, we watch for certain signs of Suboxone abuse, including:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Aches
  • Nausea
  • Unpredictable Mood Swings

Under the right circumstances, these signs could indicate the need to begin weaning a patient off of Suboxone. Other, more severe symptoms of Suboxone abuse and misuse include respiratory problems, liver problems, and even death.

Why Use One Drug To Overcome Another?

Medication Assisted Treatment is a proven method for helping opioid addicted individuals who need help overcoming their dependence. And while Suboxone treatments do help, they are not a miracle cure; instead, they are a trusted component in the treatment process. Some individuals will refuse medication assisted treatments due to the stigma associated with this type of treatment. Medication assisted treatments are like a crutch for someone with a broken foot; the crutch helps to provide support while the foot heals. Once healed, the crutch is removed and the foot is fully operational on its own without the need for a crutch.

Fritz Clinic

Using Suboxone is not trading one drug for another drug. Instead, it’s an FDA-approved drug that can help you to overcome your opioid/opiate addiction. While it does have opioid-like properties, when used in a controlled environment with close supervision, Suboxone can help you gain the edge you need to finally kick your opioid addiction.

The Fritz Clinic uses Suboxone to help you manage and overcome opioid/opiate addiction. If you are ready to reclaim your life, contact us today and take the first step in changing your life forever.

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