If I Use My Company’s Health Insurance, Will My Employer Find Out I Have A Drug Problem?

Generally, a health insurance provider has to adhere to certain HIPPA laws or face severe consequences. The only way information about your drug problem would get released is if you signed a waiver when you signed on with the company. The laws for a recovery addict are in place to protect you and give you the confidence to take the right steps. However, there is a good chance that your employer already knows you have a drug problem as those suffering from addiction have certain signs that indicate such.


With the job market in constant flux, the idea of having to find another job is frightening. For those suffering from drug addictions, the fear can be warranted. Choosing to take the right steps for recovery can cause anyone to have second thoughts, especially with the possibility that seeking treatment may confirm your employer’s suspicions of your drug use.

However, the likelihood that a company’s health insurance provider would give out information on an individual is unlikely. They would be violating HIPPA laws designed to protect patients from discrimination and could face severe consequences. The only caveat where this wouldn’t apply would be if you signed a waiver; if that were the case, the waiver would have to be ironclad as there are certain provisions in place by the ADA and the FMLA that give you the support and time you need to change your life.

Do I Have To Tell My Employer Of My Drug Problem?

  • Are you required by law to tell your employer about your drug problem?
  • Should you tell your employer about your drug problem?

You are not required to tell your employers about your drug problem. However, you may decide to bring it up in regards to your decision to seek recovery treatments. This is a fine line you will have to walk, especially if you cannot afford to lose a job. While every employer is bound by certain governing bodies, they may improperly release you after finding out this information.

If you aren’t comfortable with speaking with your employer about your drug problem, don’t. Request time off under the FMLA act and leave it at that.

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