How Effective Is Suboxone?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), users who took Suboxone for an extended period of time saw a 75% success rate versus placebo treatments in overcoming their opioid addictions. The use of Suboxone dramatically lowers relapse rates, mortality rates, and adverse outcomes when compared to other opioid treatment options.


For anyone suffering from opioid addiction, getting the right treatment matters.

  • Do you quit cold-turkey?
  • Do you use Methadone?
  • Do you use Suboxone?
  • Do you try another way?

Both Methadone and Suboxone have high success rates for helping individuals overcome opioid addiction. However, Suboxone is the safer of the two as it is not a full opiate agonist and is harder to abuse and misuse. Approved by the FDA, Suboxone allows the individual to continue working with mild side effects (if any). Suboxone users aren’t required to visit a doctor or clinic daily whereas Methadone users are required to visit more frequently (sometimes daily).

Taking Suboxone will help you overcome your opioid addiction if used in a controlled environment with close monitoring. While not 100% successful, Suboxone gives you support to overcome your debilitation withdrawal symptoms and unquenchable cravings that cause you to relapse. Suboxone is designed to blunt the intoxicating effect from other opioids, making it easier to overcome your dependence on them.

Fritz Clinic

Suboxone is an FDA-approved drug that can help you overcome your opiate addiction. Combined with a supervised MAT program and support/counseling sessions, your chance of success is significantly higher than with other drug treatments or programs.

Fritz Clinic uses Suboxone to help you manage and overcome opioid/opiate addiction. We believe everyone deserves another chance at life, regardless of the decisions they’ve made in the past. If you are ready to reclaim your life, contact us today and take the first step in changing your life forever.

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