Drug tests can be full of anxiety. You get sequestered into a tiny room, watched at just about every turning, wondering did I drink enough water? What if I drank too much water? If I pass this drug test will I get the job? With anxieties already running so high, you can’t help but wonder, will I pass my drug test if I’m on Suboxone as part of my opioid addiction treatment? Well, it’s time to put those fears to bed and keep you anxiety-free going into your drug test. 

What Is Suboxone?

As you may already know from your opioid addiction treatment, Suboxone is a combination of the drugs buprenorphine and naloxone which work together to replace the effect that opioids have on the opioid pain receptors in your brain. In doing this, they reduce the desire for opioids. This makes it easier to stop taking opioids because they no longer produce the pleasurable effect that they once did. Suboxone is being used more and more as a replacement for methadone. Studies have shown that Suboxone use is less likely to become addictive and has significantly less intense side effects. Suboxone was specifically designed to treat opioid addiction and it works well. 

Will Suboxone Show Up On A Drug Test?

The answer to this is not just a simple yes or no. Contrary to popular belief there is not one all-encompassing drug test that tests for every kind of drug. Drug tests come in essentially different sizes, ranging from a five-panel up to a twelve-panel. Each different “size” tests for a different array of drugs, with the largest “size,” the twelve-panel, testing for the most comprehensive collection of drugs. 

The only reason Suboxone would show up in a drug test is if the test is specifically looking for it, among the other drugs it is testing for. The buprenorphine part of suboxone would show up in this kind of test because the test is looking for it, along with other opioids. 

Drug tests that test for opioids are not standard, and certainly not common for employment. Suboxone would likely only be detected in a twelve-panel test or a ten-panel test that has had buprenorphine added to the standard ten panels. Most employers use a five or seven-panel test, aside from high-level jobs in the government.

These five and seven-panel tests do look for opioids, but usually just synthetic ones like morphine or prescription painkillers. 

Will Taking Suboxone Affect My Employment Opportunities?

It is impossible to answer that question for certain. Every employer is different and those who do test for Suboxone may do so for a reason. If it comes up during the interview process, all you can do is answer honestly. Reassure your employer that it is a safe and effective drug and not something illegal. Providing a logical and accurate explanation is the safest bet in that situation. Unless your employer is actively looking for Buprenorphine, it will not show up. This means you will be assessed solely on your resume and fitness for the job. 

Getting a drug test for a new job can be stressful, but it’s even more stressful when you know that the opioids you’re addicted to will show up on the test. Take the first step to ending your addiction to opioids by calling Fritz Clinic today and exploring your medical treatment and counseling options.