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Alternatives To Prescription Painkillers

For people who are currently in treatment for, or have completed treatment for opioid dependency or addiction, it's of utmost importance to stay sober from opioids to ensure that you don’t relapse. However, life and accidents happen, often resulting in the need for some kind of medical surgery. Getting surgery as someone recovering from opioid [...]

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Why Opioids Are Becoming A Huge Problem For Teenagers

Drug dependency and abuse are often thought of as only “adult” issues. It’s hard to imagine that teens and young adults can access enough prescription pain medication to develop an addiction. However, opioids are often among the first, and most commonly abused drugs among adolescents. But why are opioids becoming a huge problem for teenagers? [...]

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Fentanyl May Be The Most Dangerous Opioid On The Market

Many don't know this, but Fentanyl may be the most dangerous opioid on the market right now. This is due in part to the ease in which users can gain access to it. Used illegally, it is combined with other addictive drugs like heroin or cocaine in an attempt to increase the euphoric effect for [...]

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How To Properly Dispose Of Prescription Pain Medication

How To Properly Dispose Of Prescription Pain Medication  There are plenty of urban legends about getting rid of opioid painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone. If you ask any number of people you’ll receive any number of answers from "flush them" to "don’t flush them because it poisons the water supply" to "throw them away" and [...]

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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Opioid Addiction

As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage the United States, lots of false information finds its way into popular opinion. Disseminated on social media and in person, this kind of misinformation can be incredibly harmful when taken seriously. It’s important to always listen to the facts and experts, especially when taking any kind of advice [...]

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What Are The Signs Of An Opioid Addiction?

Do you have a loved one taking a prescription opioid, and their actions and words seem to be different from before they started taking the pills? Maybe it's worse than pills, they were turned down for painkillers, and you suspect they are getting heroin from the streets. If you aren't sure what to do, your [...]

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Opioid Addiction, The Mental Health Crisis We Need To Talk About

Opioid addiction is thought of as many things, a public health crisis, a massive failing of the pharmaceutical industry, a deadly epidemic which, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, took the lives of 128 people every day in America. However, opioid addiction isn’t often talked about what it is; a mental illness.   [...]

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How Does Suboxone Help Treat Opioid Addiction?

For anyone suffering from opioid addiction, the effects can be devastating, wreaking havoc on them physically, emotionally, and financially. In many cases, opioid addictions can cost individuals their job, their friends, and even their families. Individuals become overwhelmed and unable to think about anything else. But, there is hope! Suboxone is used to treat individuals [...]

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How Long Does It Take To Get Off Opioids With Suboxone?

If you or a loved one is dealing with an opioid addiction, walking away does not seem possible. Maybe you have tried withdrawal and rehab programs without any success. It can leave you depressed, without any hope, and stuck in the same routine that is ruining your life. However, there is hope for you! Suboxone [...]

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How Do You Deal With A Loved One Addicted To Opiates?

It's difficult to watch a loved one who is addicted to opiates and the steady decline their life takes. There is a feeling of helplessness as they fall asleep talking to you or slur their words so heavily you can't understand them. You watch them waste away day after day in their seemingly oblivious state. [...]

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