5 Holistic Health Practices To Add To Your Recovery Routine

Recovering from opioid addiction using a medication-assisted treatment program is the best way to begin healing from the often-deadly illness—of opioid dependence. However, during this time of recovery, many report that, while the opioids are leaving their body and they are feeling better, they are not necessarily feeling holistically well. Everyone could use a bit of a pick-me-up, so it is important to incorporate all kinds of health practices during this recovery period. Holistic health focuses on making sure your mental, physical, and spiritual health are all working in alignment to help make you feel as well as possible. This practice is extremely beneficial for those who have had their lives knocked out of alignment while suffering from opioid use. If you are looking for some holistic health practices to add to your opioid recovery routine, here are 5 that will help heal your body, mind, and soul.


Cooking Meals At Home

Holistic health focuses on wellness in addition to medical health, so one of the main focuses is eating whole, organic foods, and taking the time to prepare them at home. There is something almost therapeutic about the rhythms of chopping ingredients, sauteing, browning, roasting, and of course the mental reward of sitting down and eating the tasty dish that you have created. If you’re short on time, or not the best cook you could always try a meal prep box with pre-measured ingredients. Cooking organic, whole foods will not only help you feel mentally well but physically nourished and ready to take on your recovery.



Acupuncture has significant health benefits, especially for reducing chronic pain which causes many people to become addicted to opioids in the first place. Acupuncture is often used for lower back pain, migraines, knee pain, and more. In addition to the physical health benefits derived from stimulating the nervous system via needles, acupuncture is great for mental health. The environment is typically calm and relaxing and provides a serene experience almost like a spa. Acupuncture is usually administered weekly and having something to look forward to each week can help mental health immensely.


Creative Therapy

Another holistic practice to incorporate into your recovery routine is some sort of creative therapy. There are many benefits to alternative forms of therapy, but creative therapies consistently rise to the top for reducing stress and creating joy. Creative therapies like art therapy, music therapy, clay therapy, and dance therapy are all excellent for adding joy to your life and providing an artistic outlet to channel difficult feelings that may arise during opioid recovery.



Creating a journal for thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, and more is another excellent holistic outlet during recovery. Many people feel that intense emotions lessen after putting them down in a journal, or if you are forgetful, a journal could be a good place to write things down to bring up with your addiction counselor. Additionally, journaling in the morning or evening every day helps you create a routine and add some structure to your life.


Find Joy In Exercise

Lastly, holistic health focuses on physical health as well as mental health, and many holistic health experts recommend finding a form of exercise you enjoy. Exercising helps the body create and release endorphins, something that is sorely lacking in those who have been relying on opioids to create endorphins. A good tip is to join a community gym like the YMCA which offers lots of classes for free to find an exercise class that you enjoy. Joyous physical activity is often found outside the gym as well, in local running clubs, intramural sports leagues, adult dance and gymnastics classes, hiking groups, and more. Take a look at local Facebook and Meetup groups that may provide you with a form of exercise you will enjoy.


While holistic health is important, what’s most important for people dependent on opioids is getting them out of your system and weaning the body off opioids safely. Fritz Clinic of Alabama can help you do that. For over 35 years Fritz has been using top-notch medication-assisted treatment, as well as addiction counseling to help Alabama residents heal from opioids. Call or contact Fritz today to begin your healing journey.